Developing INNovative SOLidarity mechanisms among municipalities in times of crisis in South East Europe


The chosen issue for “INNSOL” project is “Solidarity in time of crisis” aimed to stimulate debate, reflection and cooperation on the issue of solidarity to create shared values, concrete civic participation and common mechanisms for volunteering. INNSOL attempted to reflect on the nature and characteristics of solidarity within a supranational context, explain what solidarity has meant so far in the EU and South East Europe in particular, how much solidarity we had during the crisis, what type of solidarity is needed and how to build it. It focused on solidarity mechanisms in all its facets during and after the economic. INNSOL was promoted by the Municipality of Kozani (GR), together with the cities, of Aleksinac (RS) and Hisarya (BL). It is worth noting that the town of Aiani (former municipality of Aiani and since the 2011 local government reform was part of the municipality Kozani) had been twinned with the cities of Aleksinac and Hisarya since 1998.
Solidarity has traditionally been at the core of the cohesion of modern European societies and of the legitimacy of our political systems. It is deeply rooted in the European identity, perceived by third parties as one of its distinctive features and often as one of its most worthwhile values. The European integration adventure has referred to solidarity since its very beginning when Robert Schuman stated that Europe would be built through concrete achievements which first create a ‘de facto solidarity’. However, the recent economic crisis has very harshly impacted in Europe, challenging and calling into question both solidarity between Members States and their citizens. The crisis has revealed serious weaknesses in the EU model of integration and, probably the worst, has put at risk the fragile European identity. Within this frame, what solidarity should mean which intensity of increased solidarity, and how the solidarity mechanisms should be built and worked, have generated new tensions in public sphere and discourse.

Description of implemented activities

1 - Reception & Welcome Session
1st Day (Thursday February 8th 2018)
The venue of the official welcome event has taken place at the Municipal Unit of Aiani (Central square of the settlement)
- Official Greedings from the Mayor of Kozani
- Presenting the participating delegations
- Presentation of the INNSOL Project
- Short speech with title "EU & Solidarity: current questions, challenges and answers at a local level"
- Press Conference (representatives from participating cities)
- Official dinner reception.
2 - Study Visits
1st Day (Thursday February 8th 2018). Municipal and SCOs Structures focusing on WOMEN:
Study Visit at:
- Support Women’s Centers and consultancy
2nd Day (Friday February 9th 2018). Municipal and SCOs Structures focusing on ELDERLY PEOPLE & DISABLED CHILDREN:
Study Visit at:
- “Home Care” Programmes & Disabled Child Day Care Centre
3rd Day (Saturday February 10th 2018). Municipal and SCOs Structures focusing on DERPIVED PEOPLE:
Study Visit at:
- Charity care centers & Social Pharmacy
3- Interactive Laboratories – Webinars
An Interactive Laboratory for YOUTH STUDENTS, ACTIVISTS & JOURNALISTS has taken place applying the mean of the web-based seminar. Webinar has included over 30 participants and will be used to conduct presentations, lectures and large-scale meeting. The Webinar has focused on the development of Social Media Pages aiming to enhance networking among three cities in the fields of solidarity. The High School of Aiani has technically supported the organization of the Webinar.
4 - Fieldwork Opinion Research & Debate
2nd Day (Friday February 9th 2018).
Fieldwork Opinion Research & Debate aims to detect the effectiveness of solidarity mechanisms by participants and end-users. This event has involved:
- Introductory notes in order to trigger the debate regarding solidarity.
- Use of simple questionnaires aiming to collect useful data that help to assess the effectiveness of solidarity mechanisms. Also an adaptive e-questionnaire for the cities of Aleksinac and Hysaria will be developed.
5 - Round Table
3rd Day ((Saturday February 10th 2018).
The Round Table aimed to bring together NGOs, CSOs and Policy Makers from the three cities to examine topics consistent with the solidarity in times of crisis. The overall objective was to provide a forum for interaction between experts, volunteers and policy makers. It was also expected to develop recommendations for strengthening the idea of solidarity mechanisms in practice. An expert from the Municipality of Kozani will moderate the discussion.
6 - Thematic Artistic Events
1st Day (Thursday February 8th 2018)
An Artistic Event involving folk bands, choirs, art exhibitions and story-telling dedicated to culture heritage of Aleksinac.
2nd Day (Friday February 9th 2018).
An Artistic Event involving folk bands, choirs, art exhibitions and story-telling dedicated to culture heritage of Hysaria.
3rd Day ((Saturday February 10th 2018).
An Artistic Event involving folk bands, choirs, art exhibitions and story-telling dedicated to culture heritage of Kozani.

Φωτογραφίες - Photos

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